War on lines

By ayr September 21, 2010

So yesterday was the first day of our new battle. The goal: decimate the Dewey line. That’s right folks, we’re aiming to have no more than 8 people in line at any given time. Never more than 8 people in line.

It might sound impossible, but we’ve been working out systems at the Clover Food Lab over at MIT and it’s running tight. Time to share with DWY. You’ll notice me, Chris, and Rolando hanging around a bunch for the next 2 weeks. We’ll be there getting the new system up and running, training, etc.

Customers are already noticing, which is great. There was a funny Twitter post yesterday,  something like “but aren’t lines your status symbol?” I laughed when I read that. Time to demolish that status symbol. We didn’t want it in the first place. We’d be very happy if nobody knew about us except for the people who live and work around us, as long as those people knew us and loved what we are doing. Call us provincial, it’s an old New England sort of attitude, and I’m serious about it, and surprised how many people give us a hard time on this one.

It’s a new world folks. A no line kind of world.

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