Good luck, DHD

By Lucia September 27, 2010

I think this was April. I was doing Clover’s dishes. One of the guys from Down Home Delivery, the company we work alongside at the kitchen, told me to pick up the pace! I’m fast. So I made a bet that I could finish all the dishes in under an hour.

If I won, I’d get a free meal from Down Home Delivery. If I lost, I would bake the guys something. I suggested brownies. They suggested pie. So, in case anybody thinks I’m not one to keep my word, there’s the apple pie I baked yesterday. Four months late, but there it is.

Down Home Delivery got started just after we did. Today’s their last day at the kitchen. They’re going to be moving on to their own space next week. So, thanks, Gary, Will, Mike, and the rest of you guys, for your killer iPod mix (and for introducing me to Denise Williams), for helping me lift those huge pots of cooking chickpeas, and for making the kitchen such a friendly place for all of us at Clover. Good luck, guys. We’ll miss you (and I’ll never make a bet again).

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