I almost cried – serious emotional post

By ayr September 30, 2010

OK, so when you’re getting a business going it’s pretty easy to start feeling like you’re battling the world. The 45 minute phone call to get Comcast on the phone for an installation, the vendors that send the wrong things again and again, the employees who pull a “no call no show,” the licensing processes (and processes on top of processes, and checks, and checks on top of checks), etc.

So I was really touched when this came in the mail. Surprisingly so. I’m not making a joke, I’m totally serious. I felt a little emotional when I opened this.

Somebody at the Post Office, that’s right, I said the US Post Office, in Cambridge, took the time to fix my mess up. I was dropping letters yesterday and guess I accidentally dropped this envelope that wasn’t supposed to go into the mail. When Hunter asked for his check I was confused and embarrassed not to have it. I figured I had lost it, and was ready to cancel the check when what do you know, this little letter appeared in my mail box. Can you believe that? A postal employee took the time to re-package and return this to me. Just absolutely amazing. I sat down to write a letter of appreciation.

It’s a little thing, but I can’t believe how kind and neighborly that was. Nothing I’d expect, certainly not from the Post Office. Really amazing.

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