Pipe enclosure

By ayr October 3, 2010

So you know those pipes I keep posting about? A portion of those pipes, along the wall, are about to disappear. That’s the studding all ready to receive the sheetrock.

This whole area led to a bit of friction between me and the landlord. you can barely see it in this picture, but after the mezzanine was cut there were about 6 inches of concrete left protruding from the wall. I had no warning of this, and was rudely surprised when I stopped at the site one day.

Originally we were going to leave these pipes exposed along this wall. We didn’t mind that at all, the whole transparency thing. But the concrete coming out of the wall was difficult and expensive to cut back flush, so we had to do something. Easiest option was to encase all of the pipes.

We ended up with a rebate from the landlord that covers some, butnot all of the cost of covering these. At least we get to move forward, and the restaurant isn’t going to be compromised.

(another photo after the break)

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