Digging up the floor

By ayr October 5, 2010

Brendan, our site manager from Cafco had a great idea that saved us a couple of weeks ago. The Walk-in refrigeration guy was visiting the site, and I was talking with him about size, and placement, and we ran into a problem. The spot for the walk-in was 2 inches shorter than the walk-in required.

He was talking to me about getting a custom item, but that would add time and money to the project. I was stumped.

Brendan jumped in, I guess he overheard us, and suggested we just tear up some of the brick floor to make room. Seemed like a solid idea to me. So here we go.

And the guy doing the work? Bobby Duddy, who some of you might know from the Boston truck. He’s helping out on the job site and doing a great job.

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