HP waste

By ayr October 6, 2010

OK, so I went to Staples the other day to buy office supplies. I can’t stand office supplies. It’s an irrational emotion, I understand that. But it partially explains why I haven’t had any since I started Clover. The other part of the explanation is that I don’t like spending money on office supplies. This stuff is really expensive.

Last time I bought envelopes was when I was raising money. And here I am again, raising money. So I’m out buying office supplies.

I needed new toner to make my printer work (to print out business plans). And get this, buying new toner was going to cost me $400. No kidding. But a new color laser printer, a really nice one with faster page throughput, duplexing (2-sided printing), etc. was only $320, with ink! Now I know you get 30% more ink when you buy the toner cartridges, but come one. It’s really silly, right? What a waste. I bought a new printer. Need to find a good use for the old one now.

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