Raises for everybody, and we’re hiring

By ayr October 12, 2010

Hey everybody. If you didn’t know, we’re hiring. Lot’s and lot’s of hiring. So if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like working the truck get in touch. Or you know somebody who works hard, loves food, and needs a job.


We’re hiring for everything (restaurant is coming and a lot of other exciting new stuff). Oh, and I’m totally open with all pay. Don’t know if that will work for us as we grow, but we’re trying an experiment to get started where we tell all. Those of you following us will notice that we’re giving raises across the board. Here’s the lay of the land:

$8 – $11.50
Make sandwiches, take orders, keep everything sparkling, smile and laugh

$11 – $13.00
Oversee a shift at Clover. Supervise 3-9 employees. Make sure food is perfect. Get to know customers by their first name.

Assistant manager
$40,000 salary, vacation, benefits, average of 50 hours/ week
You need to work into this one. You’ll be the right hand to a Clover manager. Running the ship when they’re not there.

$45,000 base + $5,000 to $15,000 annual performance bonus
You’ll basically be running a not-so-small business. This is where Clover’s future leaders are forged.

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