Bathrooms are almost done

By ayr October 18, 2010

What’s the worst bathroom look like: dirty. And what does the best bathroom look like: clean.

Ok, well some might think there’s more to it. But I’m pretty simple on this one. There are so many gross bathrooms out there, and so many empty promises. I’ve begun to think that all that matters is cleanliness.

More and pictures after the break…

You all are going to have to keep us honest. We’ve taken the initial steps towards clean bathrooms: well built, clean design, industrial construction, easy to clean. But obviously none of this will matter if we’re not cleaning them all the time. Chris and I are developing staffing charts right now, and they include a once every 15 minutes clean/ check, and once every 3 hours full clean.

So we need to stay on that. This is a funny area. Unlike everything else with Clover, where we ask you to help us keep everything running well, I’m not convinced that it works well to ask customers to tell you if the bathroom is clean or not (see below). So if anybody has any creative ideas on other ways to take care of potential problems please let us know.

The other challenge I see is that of people who abuse bathrooms. There aren’t many bathrooms in Harvard Square open to the public, and there is a reason. Most only allow access if you are buzzed by somebody behind the counter. I’d like to avoid this, but I’m not naive. I know those buzzers are there for a reason. And yikes, has anybody ever checked out the bathrooms at ABP?

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