F@#$ Bank of America

By ayr October 19, 2010

OK, I try to keep this a family program, but the best I can do here is the symbols.

We’re closing all of our Bank of America accounts immediately. I’m just at the end of my patience. And the barriers are huge, it’s going to take me 2 days to move everything. But it’s worth it, because they’re driving me crazy. Recent issues:

(1) Took 4 months, 5 phone calls, 8 emails, and 2 visits to get checks and deposit slips for new accounts
(2) They made me open new accounts for new tax ID number (OK so far), then told me to keep the old accounts open for 6 months, then continued to charge me for all services on the old account (including payroll we were no longer using) and will not reverse the charges 6 months later when I finally noticed they were stealing from me
(3) They put any check I write from Cambridge Trust on an arbitrary 10 day hold, despite the fact that the money clears in less than 24 hours!

There’s more, but this stuff gets boring quickly, doesn’t it?

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