Generator fire

By ayr October 20, 2010

Fires are scary, right? So was I so wrong to want to take a picture of the flames before putting it out. OK, I didn’t, which is why the picture there is a bit less exciting than it could have been.

I was trying to start the generator and all of a sudden flames flew into the air. Emo, a former employee, was with me, I left him there and ran around the truck to get a fire extinguisher. I quickly ran back to find…

It didn’t work. Note: check your fire extinguishers (I replaced this one yesterday with a brand new one).

Luckily we carry 2 fire extinguishers on board. The other is huge. And luckily our truck is very open. I called inside and asked for it. Mary shoved some people away, grabbed the extinguisher, and I had the fire out. The whole thing probably took less than 20 seconds. Mary – you’re awesome!

So we had the generator in the shop that day to figure it out, and the next day. And it’s still not fixed. Now we have some new parts coming. Uhggg. We bought these Cummins generators because everybody told us they were the best. But I’m really not that impressed. It’s a 7,500 Watt gasoline generator. And it’s just been a total hassle from month 1. The one that caught on fire at MIT has only been on the truck since June. We change the oil every 300 hours, change the filters, etc. etc. And it’s always barely working.

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