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By ayr October 21, 2010

So none of ¬†you are ever going to see these guys. There’s a good deal of equipment on the roof of the restaurant. It might not be exciting on first glance, but you’re likely getting to know my interest in systems. All this stuff, water, waste, energy, we take for granted in our daily lives, which is nice in a way…

… but this is how we use energy, these are how our actions impact our world.

In this picture you can see two “5-ton” HVAC units. Cafco believed I needed a total of “15-tons.” Our landlord was willing to pay for a total of “10 tons.” We have “10-tons.”

I have no idea why these things are rated in “tons.” Just makes no sense at all to me, but I know that’s how they are referred to.

Joining these guys we have a “make-up air” unit for the hood (which provides fresh air to “make up” for the air the hood sucks out of the space). We have an exhaust system for the hood. We have exhaust for the bathrooms. And we have the condenser for the walk-in.

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