The bridge

By ayr October 22, 2010

There’s a massive skylight at the back of our restaurant. We love the light it brings flooding in. In a way the restaurant is built around this skylight.

We’ve opened up the mezzanine and demoed a chunk of it to expose the light in the back. Our furniture is oriented to the light in the back. We’re going to have ivy growing in the light in the back.

We needed the mezzanine for overflow seating to hit the capacity…

…we’re looking for and to make sure folks on the ground floor are not crowded. The solution, that our architect Jinhee came up with, was to create a very “thin” bridge of a mezzanine. So everybody has been working really hard, especially Cafco, to keep the front of that mezzanine as thin and contained as possible so that you can look right through the space to the light in the back.

The picture below shows an example of some of the effort we’re going to. See those cut-out in the sheet-rock, those circles right from center? Those are cut around bolts coming out of the beam holding up the mezzanine. They are a bit of detail work that keeps the sheet rock really tight to the beam.

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