Tightening our energy budget

By ayr October 23, 2010

You read about the generator fire. This is the aftermath. We have 2 Honda portable generators we used to use on our truck. Which, I’ll mention, worked without complaint for nearly 18 months, unlike the fancy Cummins that couldn’t hack it for 3 months.

Anyway, I drove these in Monday morning from my house where they’ve been living. Those plus some custom extension cord work, and we were in business. Sorry for the late breakfast everybody!

Then Tuesday Dewey’s generator died. No kidding. Just died. Uhggg. So I ran out to buy some new generators. Instead of opting for the larger 3kWatt generators we used to use I got these dinky 2kWatt generators from Honda. Mostly because I’m always afraid the others will kill my employees backs. But also because these are cheaper/ kWatt, and more flexible. So welcome the new Clover back-up generator.

Our truck runs 3 circuits, so basically we just put one of these generators to each circuit, for a 15Amp equivalent power. Not too bad.

While dealing with all of this I did a full energy audit of all of our equipment. For those interested:

  • Fan 200watts
  • Large true 1100w max
  • Sm true 600w continuous
  • Router 40w
  • Warmer 1200 watts
  • Blender 600 watts max
  • Pos 15 watts
  • Newcombe 1400 watts max
  • Coffee grinder 70watts
  • Zojorishi 900 watts max
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