We filter water

By ayr October 23, 2010

This is the water filtration apparatus for our restaurant. It was really important to me to have this visible. So here it is. You’ll see, it’s one of the most prominent things in the restaurant.

But filtered water is so important. We’ll be giving it away for free, no bottles. And we’ll be using it to up our coffee game. We can’t wait. It’s the one major thing that has held our coffee program back.

We wanted filtered water a long long time ago, but we just couldn’t justify the cost of getting this installed (and maintained) in our commissary in JP. So so happy to have it now. Look forward to noticeably better tasting drinks on the trucks in a week or so.

But it’s not just about the better products.The fact that this hits you in the face when you look into our store front from the street is very deliberate. I want you to be able to see where you water is coming from. The food industry has spent years burying and hiding every detail about food. You need a PhD to understand where you food comes from, how it is prepared, what it is made of, what it’s doing to your body. Maybe a PhD wont even get you there.

Anyway, we want food without mystery. You should always feel free to ask us anything about anything we’re serving you. The major reason we go to the trouble of making everything ourselves is that we want to be able to look you in the eye and tell you exactly what you’re eating.

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