MIT Halloween

By Lucia October 30, 2010

Here’s the MIT crew yesterday. You’ll notice a bunch of new faces – we’ll introduce these guys soon.

Halloween at MIT started out kind of strange. I got to work at 9 with my carrot costume, and there was no truck, just the A-frame with a note pointing down the street. The construction on Carlton Street inched onto our spot and made us park outside the Media Lab. Sorry to anyone who thought we hadn’t shown up yesterday, we’re going to fix this next week.

I found the truck, where Mary (mad scientist) and Joe (graduation cap and gown) were doing a killer job setting up breakfast. We had a great time the rest of the day, gave away a bunch of free fries for customers in costume, got our first resupply directly from the restaurant, and got really excited about news we were hearing from folks working the first day at Harvard Square. More pictures after the break…

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