The view from my table

By ayr November 3, 2010

This is what I’m looking at. It’s 11:30am, we just got a big catering order out the door, and customers are starting to trickle in for lunch. I’m trying to grab a minute to catch up after a crazy morning, hoping to sneak some work in before the customers start to really start flowing in.

Our open was incredibly smooth, that’s due to Chris Anderson, our manager for this location. And we’ve been keeping it quiet to give ourselves a little time to get on top of everything and get everybody trained up. It’s what people like to tell me is a “soft opening,” but I’m not sure I like that term, or even know what it means. Soft what?

We were feeling a bit of pressure this morning. Across the company we’re looking at something like 20% of employees calling in sick. That’s rough anytime of year, but with all of the changes going on it means everybody is bearing the load.

I owe you all many many updates, the backlog here is getting sick. They’re coming, please have patience as we work through these initial days of the restaurant.
(The thing we’re doing right? Our food quality has been better than ever, both trucks and the restaurant. I’m really proud of that.)

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