Credit cards are fixed

By ayr November 7, 2010

This is one from the backlog. I think it was 3 weeks ago that I took this picture. Our first customer to pay with credit card on our new system. Thanks for all of your patience as we tried to figure this out. It was a long journey. Here’s a recap:

First, we used a credit card machine that worked on GPRS (cell phone networks). It worked until MIT made us move our truck down the street. Then it started working sometimes, like 1 in 7 swipes.

Then we tried Square up, it wasn’t much better.

So I bought these new readers from some Merchant Services company that is paired up with Sovereign. They’re WiFi based. And since we have new unlimited 4G cards on the trucks, they’re working great. I bought 2 for the restaurant, anticipating we might need 2, and we’re just on the verge of making that prediction a reality. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they keep working : )

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