This is a prototype

By ayr November 7, 2010

I’ve been fielding a bunch of questions about the little poem on the wall of the restaurant. What is it, why did you do that? And hearing exclamations: “that’s so stupid!” “Did you mean to cross that out?”

OK, so it’s probably all. That’s sort of the point, right? I think the statement is pretty simple, and if you think you get it, you probably do. But here’s a little background for those interested.

First, the form is ripped off from something my Dad used to do every morning. He is a teacher in a one room school house (meaning grades are mixed) and he starts every day off with a statement from a fictional character called Max. We used to call them “Max saids.” The point is that they are always saying something real, relevant, but they are loaded with grammatical errors. So I tried to go for one of every type of error I could in a nod to Max saids.

Second, yes, it’s deliberate. I spent weeks thinking about and composing this. It’s very important to me, to the company, and I hope to all of you. This is a statement of the philosophy by which we are building Clover. We’re not coming to you with a product that is complete. Instead we’re hoping to engage you. We have big things we want to achieve and we’ll only be able to get there with your help.

Third, like most things Clover this wall is going to change. The white paint comes out in 3 weeks.

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