Meetings and food

By ayr November 13, 2010

This past week we kicked our manager meeting off with a blind tasting. This is new for us. And I think it’s going to have a huge impact on Clover food quality, at MIT, DWY, and HSQ.

As you may remember, recent meetings were always held at fast food joints. We’ll revisit that tour at some point (but I don’t expect anything will have changed). Now, with the restaurant, our manager meetings are an opportunity to focus on improving the food we make.

In this case we tackled coffee. We have a pretty specific approach to making our coffee. A lot has gone into developing our technique. It is a balance of practical concerns (e.g., speed, consistency), and, but I know that each manager has a slightly different technique. We’re not talking hugedifferences here, but I was pretty sure there were slight variations.

So we each poured an iced coffee and a hot coffee. I marked the bottom of each cup with a number, and kept track of who was responsible for each. And we tasted a lot of coffee.

Well Chris’ technique was at the top of the pack. So after the meeting we all gathered around while Chris demonstrated for us:



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