“We sell this one to prisons”

By ayr November 13, 2010

Occasionally we’re victims to salesman genius. For me it was when I asked what a blixer is, to learn that is “explodes food.” I was sold. 3 months later: we have a giant robot coupe $10,000 blixer.

For Chris it was “this is the one we sell to prisons.” That’s it. He was marked. 3 weeks later, we have a massive $4,000 meat slicer (that everybody is scared to use). I love having it in the restaurant. Along with the butcher paper we’re using to wrap sandwiches (anybody pick up on that irony yet? : ) We’re going to use this bad boy to slice cheese. Up to now we’ve been doing it by hand, but it’s become a 3-4 hour/day job. Time to bring out the prison slicer.

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