3 weeks ago tonight…

By ayr November 15, 2010

I finally figured out how to share the backlog with you. I’ll post these in X weeks ago format. I think that will work…

You see, there was just so much going on at the end all I could do was to take pictures and file away for later. You’ll notice there was a serious lull on the website.

This is an image of the first meal at the massive table. You’ll see a lot of familiar faces around the table. We were eating Pinocchio’s here. The next night we took out from Yenching on the corner of Holyoke and Mass. Ave. Have you ever been there? They’ve been around for a long time, since 1943 or something. The guy who runs the place is really funny. He told us his name was “Peter, like Peter, Paul and Mary. You can call me Peter, or Paul, just not Mary.” So now I’m always a bit confused when I go to remember his name. But he’s really jolly and bought us our first meal, wouldn’t take money.

He also gave us some advice: “One thing you made a big mistake, kitchen should be upstairs, hidden.” We told him it was deliberate. He said “Ohh… you’ll see, that was a big mistake. Oh well… nothing to do now…” then he laughed. That’s right, Peter, then Charlie at the Andover Shop. I think our neighbors think we’re crazy with the open kitchen.

We were cleaning, and getting furniture set-up, and working on refinishing the stairs.

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