Thanks Ed for this ugly thing

By ayr November 16, 2010

OK. That’s not meant to be sarcasm. We should all be really thankful for this ugly thing. When we were trying to figure out the budget for the restaurant, there were many many decisions we made to make sure we could afford the build. Cafco were huge partners in that process. Adam and Ed worked closely with us to get the cost down.

One of Ed’s suggestions was that we go with a “concentric” HVAC unit on the ceiling. He told us they were really really ugly. The only thing uglier he said was a sock (another HVAC thing that’s even cheaper). I looked at the numbers, saw that this was a path to allow us to do many of the other great things we wanted to do, and said, let’s go for it. Now I’ll admit, despite Ed’s warning it was a lot uglier than I had imagined. Concentric makes me think of circles. Oh well.

The point is, this thing saved us $20-30,000. Money we were able to invest in parts of the restaurant that matter a lot more to food, and to the overall experience.

So thanks Ed, you saved us on this one.

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