First Macbook Air in Cambridge

By ayr November 17, 2010

We’re happy to have customers who work at the Apple stores. We’ve developed relationships with them. We use their products to place orders. They eat our food and give us money for the food.

Recently I’ve been considering arming employees with computers. It’s going to be necessary, at least those of whom I’m asking work that requires a computer. I experimented with netbooks a year ago, and have 2 unused in my basement. Waste of $1k. So when the new Macbook Air was announced I was curious. Sub-$1,000. Wonder how it works.

Gardner, from the Apple Store business team, ran this over to us. He says it’s the first one to arrive in Cambridge (obviously this happened a few weeks ago). And I have to say, I’m amazed. Without going into a full review, I’ll just say that I think Apple must know that they are saying goodbye to all other notebook lines and placing a huge bet on these machines. Really unbelievable. I’m much more excited about this than the iPad we played with (and then had stollen). And I think it’s the perfect machine for a mobile business.

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