Counter culture comes to Clover

By ayr November 18, 2010

Or at least, they’re on their way. In my simple understanding of the coffee world there are 3 coffee roasters who have been changing the way Americans think about coffee since the late 1990s: Stumptown, Intelligentsia, and Counter Culture. They are all relatively large and expansionist. Most of the roasters we buy from are younger, but have been influenced by these three. You might recognize the first two, Sumptown and Intelligentsia, as Clover regulars. But we haven’t until now served Counter Culture. Why? Because I want to see where it’s roasted, and I haven’t been down to North Carolina in the past 18 months.

We had a visit from Counter Culture yesterday, and have a tasty bag of beans we’re brewing ’till it’s gone. Come by the restaurant if you want some, but come quickly.

I think I have a quick trip to NC in my near future. I’m really excited to bring their coffees on.

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