PEI Fries

By ayr November 18, 2010

Fries have been better than ever these past few weeks. Part credit is due to the killer fry guys (and gals) we’ve got running those stations. We’ve been doubling down on fry training and it’s paying off.

But the rest of the credit is due to the potatoes. We switched a month or so ago back to my favorite Price Edward Island Potatoes. We serve these potatoes as long as we can get them. But since they are harvested in the Autumn, by May or so the stores are exhausted, and we move to a potato called “Cowboy.” Some customers prefer the Cowboy potatoes, but I’m a sucker for PEI. We break a lot of rules with our fries (you can read about it in more detail in previous posts). But when the PEIs come on we’re not only frying “wrong” but we’re using the “wrong” potatoes. Fries are supposed to be made from “Western” potatoes, not “eastern” potatoes (which are reserved for cooking).

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