What’s the deal with that giant board

By ayr November 22, 2010

If you’ve been by the restaurant you might be wondering: what’s up with that giant A-frame? I mean, have you ever seen anything like it?

So if you haven’t been by the trucks it might be tough to understand what’s going on here. We use A-frames at the trucks to talk to customers, to announce menu items or events, etc.

I did some seriousresearch into whiteboards at the beginning of all of this. We started writing on the side of the trucks in the beginning. Some of you might remember that. Then We got into the A-frames. I still have the originals. They weren’t that durable. So the next generation I built myself. I bought this very expensive porcelain whiteboard. It’s much more durable, and easier to clean.

At one point I was talking to some students about designing the board. Or recent grads. Some people interesting in design. And in the 3 weeks it took for them to get back to me with ideas I ended up hitting up a hardware store for some hinges, and making a very very simple board: 2 boards + 2 hinges = A-frame. All the ideas of framing and fabrication, etc. disappeared. And it fits with Clover, simple, practical, DIY. So when the restaurant was coming up I was thinking: how can I make a version of the board that is big enough for every body to see?

So I bought the largest whiteboards they sell. Put them on end. Bought some giant hinges. And voila. The giant A-frame is born.

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