Mary making Clover’s logo

By ayr November 24, 2010

Here you witness the magic of our logo. It’s very simple. I’ve had a lot of people ask: “what is your logo?”

We struggled with this question for a long time. What you see is very simple, but it went through a few stages. It’s a custom font, designed in vector. Then printed. and traced and re-scanned. There’s nothing frivolous. 100% function. And the simplicity is going to let us do some fun things. I imagine artists will do all sorts of fun stuff with the logo someday.

For now, our own employees are creating. I re-painted the whiteboard last night (more on that later). Mary, who didn’t have a stencil to re-paint the logo, used a simple outline of the ghost image behind the new paint. I love it. Spectacular.

The cut-outs in the letters? That’s because I made the logo with a stencil. I used to cover these over, but I’ve gotten out of that habit. A bit of artifice that wasn’t necessary.

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