Posted on twitter a lot

By ayr December 4, 2010

Chris asked last night: “what’s the past tense of twitter?” I for one have never really been comfortable calling Twitter messages “tweets.” Anybody else with me? Feels like I’m the silly marketing tool of their company when I say that. So I’ll keep it simple and say “I posted to Twitter.”

Last night was an experiment, inspired by Enzo, who was home sick in bed. I wanted to poke at him a bit for leaving us badly set up to make Whoopie pies, and also challenge his proclaimation of “perfect whoopie pies.” If we learn nothing else at Clover it’s that nothing is perfect.

So I posted the whole recipe making episode, start to finish, on Twitter. Lots of pictures. Check it out (@cloverHSQ).

Oh, and they are finally for sale. $1.00/ pie. While they last. Friday nights only at the restaurant.

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