Lindentree farm

By ayr December 8, 2010

We’ve been hoping since day one to develop some great direct relationships with farmers. To be honest, it’s been tough. We’ve found it difficult to get the attention of farmers in the Boston area. There seems to be a business formula involving CSAs, farmer’s markets, and high end restaurants, that we don’t fit into. I don’t hold it against any of the farmers, heck, I want to see them do great. But it’s been disappointing for us. Beyond a few direct relationships (Red Fire Farm for example, Lynn Harris of Autumn Hill Orchards), we just haven’t had the success with direct sourcing we would like to see. Instead we buy local products through intermediaries (e.g., Farm Fresh Rhode Island).

Our menu has been designed to absorb large and small quantities of just about any quality produce. Rutabaga? In the soup tomorrow. Beets? We’ll throw together a salad.

So we were super excited when Ari and Moira of Lindentree offered to sell us some of their left-over crops at the end of this season. I’ve been told that Ari and Moira are the best growers in Massachusetts.

Rolando and I broke into a couple of carrots on the way home. Really amazing. Didn’t want salt, anything to dip them in, anything. Almost like the growers were the chefs. Just perfect.

Here’s the mini loaded up ready to bring a bunch of produce to the restaurant.

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