Mushroom loaf sandwich

By ayr December 8, 2010

This sandwich is based on a dish my dad would make around the holidays. It’s a mushroom pate. We’d have it baked in a pastry crust, formed in a special french mold. This one is formed in a “3rd pan,” a standard size metal pan. Cranberry sauce. Let us know what you think.

This doesn’t really have anything to do with the sandwich, but there are a couple of standard sizes in restaurants. Took me a while to learn this. (1) Sheet pans (these are what go into ovens, shallow, aluminum), (2) hotel pans (these are 3-6 inches deep, maybe 1.5′ x 2′ in size), they come in plastic and metal. These are what you see in steam tables everywhere. They come in different sizes, 1/2 pans, 6th pans, etc. and (3) Cambros, plastic containers of various sizes. The annoying thing? None match one another. Uhgg.

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