A tree story

By ayr December 11, 2010

Chris and I took an adventure Monday. I had to get a tree for the restaurant, and wanted to go back to my hometown to do it. Chris thought I was BSing when I told him it would cost $30, so I took him along to prove a point. Yeah, I can be a little stubborn. It was his day off, so I guess I’m not the only one known to do crazy things to prove a point.

There were a bunch of places I’d wanted to check in with for some time, Element Brewery, Upingill farm (raw dairy, grains), Valley Malt, Hungry Ghost Bread, Judies (to check out their popovers), and Four Star Farms (grains). I’m a little obsessed with grains right now. I think they are generally overlooked by chefs, but more on that later.

So we found this beauty at the christmas tree farm my family always gets trees from. We stopped in the morning, chatted, found a tree. Then did our errands for the day, and returned to cut the tree in the evening.

Chris was making fun of me for my cutting position. Said I needed a rifle and a trench. So I handed him the saw. Chris had a much cooler technique (I’m the first picture, Chris is the second).

When we got the tree tied up and all I went to pay. I offered $40. I got $10 back. I said “no, it’s a big tree,” willing to lose my position with Chris. I heard “nope. $30. We’ve been doing this since 1969.” I love New England.

So Chris and I drove through the night, into some appropriate snow, back to the restaurant with our 17′ tree strapped to the roof of my station wagon.

At the restaurant we put together a make-shift stand (Chris’ design). And there you go…

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