Private Clover event

By ayr December 14, 2010

I wouldn’t have expected on-site catering to continue into the cold. But here we are, with several under our belt and several in the queue. New Englanders are hardy folk.

As you know, we don’t do a lot of this. Some food trucks make catering their bread and butter, and the street food is more like advertising. We only do a couple on-site events in a given season. We screen for events that are a good fit for Clover. This picture was from a party to celebrate the opening of Mark Bradford at the ICA. (I suggested we’d be happy to accept payment in kind 🙂 It was a  ton of fun, and I was really impressed that everybody was happy to hang out in the cold. I love art. My wife and sister are working artists. And the mood was right. The guy throwing the gig was offering food to passerbys on the sidewalk, which we loved seeing.

Mark — offer is still up. And if you’re looking for a new canvas, there’s a lot of white in our restaurant in Harvard Square. Though I’d warn you the installation would be temporary, we don’t keep anything up long.

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