Soup Kits

By rolando December 14, 2010

Believe it or not – this is my first blog post on our site.  I promise that you will be hearing lot more from me from now on.

I snapped a picture here of a soup kit. We try to make as much of your food on the trucks as possible. Tastes better when it hasn’t been sitting around, doesn’t it? As we’ve grown some things have moved back to the kitchen or commissary, especially prep that requires heavy equipment. But there’s nothing keeping us from making the soup on the trucks every morning.

Here is a Parsnip~Pear Kit.  Back at the kitchen we try to group the ingredients that are going into the soup to make it streamlined on the truck. At the beginning Ayr and I just had an herb kit and a veg kit we brought everyday. We’re a bit more sophisticated now.

The kits are set up by ratios: part onions, celery, carrot, and herbs etc., and part main ingredient.

Kits allow us to easily group or organize a recipe by ingredients into a container – and then pack them for the trucks.  One of our employees will get the kit in the morning and without having to follow a recipe, simply make the soup/salad based on a pre-determined technique.  We basically have one soup we make 100s of different ways.

This Parsnip~Pear kit is a rather small one.  This one made probably about 10 quarts of soup. The kits we prep currently yield about 18 – 22 quarts of soup.

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