Chris Hong is a Hero

By ayr December 15, 2010

This story is completely true. You’re not going to believe it, but it’s completely true.

This morning a kid grabbed a woman’s purse in Harvard Square. No joke. And ran down Holyoke St. towards our restaurant. She was running far behind him yelling “STOP THAT MAN!” Chris was loading the Clover re-supply van and heard the cry for help. He close lined the guy, pined him against the wall.

An older guy parked his car in the middle of the road and jumped out yelling: “need some help? I’m a retired cop.” Chris told me the guy was squirming and he was having trouble holding him down, but the ex-cop grabbed the kid’s neck and pinned him against the sidewalk, and pulled a cell phone out with the other hand and direct dialed the local PD.

Minutes later there were cop cars everywhere, parked the wrong way and stuff on our street. And a paddy wagon. And they locked the street off.

I couldn’t believe this, I mean, purse snatching??? But it’s the truth.

You know what’s funny about this story? The mixed emotions. I mean, I feel sorry for the kid who thought something like this was a good idea. Chris wants to visit him in the hospital. I think the kid’s a jerk for what he did. I’m happy I have Chris on the staff, and that we have protection? But mostly happy that I know more about Chris: he has the purity of spirit to make the right decision without hesitation. That’s awesome.

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