HSQ Lines

By Chris December 18, 2010

Chris here, back from a long hiatus of blogging.

First up, lines. We’re working on a new line system here at HSQ. At the trucks, a line forms naturally, with one or two order-takers plowing through the line. When we started the restaurant, we set the lines up just like the trucks, but the flow just isn’t the same.

We had the huge A-frame inside that the order takers could stand next to, but that got the boot to outside when we brought in our huge Christmas tree. Just wasn’t enough room for both of them, so the smaller A-frames came inside.  This created a little confusion of where to order from and how to form a distinct line, so we came up with the configuration in the picture.  We staggered the menu boards and added another order taker.

Hopefully this will take away some of the confusion, let us know what you think. Here’s Hat, today’s her first day out of the kitchen taking orders, and Antoria, who’s been rocking it so far.

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