Website rework

By ayr January 5, 2011

OK, OK, it’s nothing dramatic. But we’ve been making a bunch of subtle changes to the website. We’re re-organizing all of the categories that we use to sort posts, adding more searchable tags, changing the site navigation, making some visual changes to make things easier to read and more clear.

All of this is getting ready for some larger changes: (1) we’re going to have the current live menu online, (2) we’re going to have online ordering, and (3) we’re going to start adding a ton more content.

We have an amazing crew and I’m working to get them all posting to the website. So you’re going to get some new points of view which will be really fun.

In the meantimeyou can check out a fun new change. If you use any of those links at the top of the screen (Nutritionals, etc.) you’ll find yourself directed to all of the posts that fit into that category. And best of all I’ve figured out that there’s a pretty easy way for me to include a note at the head of each category. Pretty cool. So when you go to the Brand category you get to read me rambling on about brand stuff. Check it out.

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