Dominican Breakfast

By Vincenzo January 10, 2011

Vincenzo here. I was in NYC this past weekend picking up my best friend, and there was only thing I wanted to accomplish, an Eat-a-thon. This consists of power eating all around the city.

My closest friend is from Washington Heights and we’ve spent many nights & weekends above 110th street. This Dominican restaurant is where we go to cure the previous night’s outing.

Every breakfast to me needs to have eggs (that yolk better be runny), you also need a starchy vegetable, and something fried, greasy, you get what I mean. This picture is my favorite: over-easy eggs, Queso Frito (fried cheese) & yucca. See the pickled onions? The coffee is Cafe con Leche, a beverage I have enjoyed since the age of 8 (through my Venezuelan grandmother).

The whole thing: $4.

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