Uncategorized Posts

By Lucia January 12, 2011

The snow is giving us some time to work on the website. When you write a post, but don’t assign it to a category like operations, team, or menu, WordPress posts it as “uncategorized.” There were something like 145 uncategorized posts, most of them from Sept-December 2008, right when Clover first opened. I’m going through and assigning them to categories.

I got hired the August right before Clover’s first birthday, so reading these early posts was really amazing. There’s a post about almost everything I took for granted when I first started (foil, truck windows, putting cardboard on the floors after we mop, soups, Clover logo, pita bread bakery). Tons of mistakes, tons of accidents (at least one real truck accident).

The photo is from one of those early posts. Here’s Rolando, testing and prepping falafel the night before the first day of Clover.

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