New years eve aftermath

By ayr January 15, 2011

So a bunch of you have been asking how everything ended up on New Years Eve. Well, it was pretty much a disaster. The MIT truck, which was going to a cater a party for my sister broke down in the middle of Route 2 causing traffic problems. We’d brought the truck in for maintenance, and they forgot to put oil in the engine. Uhhgg.

As for City Hall Plaza Vincenzo drove 45 minutes to pay $210 to rent a diesel generator for the event because the city of Boston didn’t like the idea of us running our built in gasoline generator. Then he had to construct a “barrier” around the generator (shown above). The Chief of the Fire Department inspected and OKed us. Phew.

But that evening, at City Hall Plaza? $256 sales. Yup. You read that right. Big loss for us. 7 staff got paid. Fire Department got paid (for permit). Rental place got paid. Insurance company got paid. Fuel got paid. Food vendors got paid. Clover, not so much. Going to have to look with a much more skeptical eye at Boston City events. This is 0/2 (the first big push being the City Hall Plaza food contest).

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