Ketchup Bomb

By Chris January 20, 2011

Here is a not-so-glamorous picture of Enzo.  He wasn’t in a good mood when I took the picture, but it’s a good laugh looking back on it.

Truck operations have gone through a radical overhaul and now 100% of their operations are going through HSQ (cleaning, paper product storage, etc). Used to be we split the operations between our old commissary in JP and Harvard. Now everything’s going through Harvard until we get the Clover Hub up and running.  Yesterday was the first day putting it all together and Enzo has taken the lead on it.

In this picture it’s 8pm. Enzo has been up since 4am and he’s starting to run on empty.  I turn the corner to find him with a fallen bag of onions and ketchup all over the floor of the walk-in.  The little things that always seem to go wrong after a long day.

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