By ayr January 20, 2011

The first April we operated I had a stupid smile plastered on my face every day it rained. I still feel that way. And snow is even better.

Why? What more could you ask for. Nobody is lining up in the snow outside waiting for their lunch because they love the cold. (Well, there was that one guy who said that’s why he was there, but it’s rare.) It’s just so satisfying to be a part of creating something powerful enough that we draw people in crowds outside of their warm offices into the snowy world.

There have been days that are total blow outs, but overall Dewey is serving more people this winter than MIT served last winter (which is a lot).

It’s doubly satisfying this year to have employees who are acclimating to New England winters to serve these hungry folks without me. Just awesome. There are going to be more posts coming up on how everybody is coping with the cold. These guys are true New England warriors.

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