By ayr January 22, 2011

The latest seasonal sandwich is the Sweet Potato. This is a revised version of a sandwich we first tried last year. Middle of the winter is a great time for tubers (potatoes and stuff that hold over the winter), and for produce from other parts of the world. Rolando makes this with a cilantro soy spread, roasted sweet potatoes (they are a little spicy), and jicama slaw.

So what is Jicama? Rolando describes it as a crossbetween a pear and a potato. It’s a little bit sweet, sort of crunchy. Give it a taste, let us know what you think. As always, with the seasonal sandwiches we’re always making changes and adjustments based on what we hear from you all. This version includes the potato skins, something we took off most of last winter. I think it’s an improvement.

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