Knife Skills Class

By Lucia January 26, 2011

MIT has something called IAP – sort of a January semester. A bunch of cool classes that folks might not have time for the rest of the year. Some for credit, some not for credit, I heard there’s one on making your own chain mail.

Last year we taught soup-making, I think 2-3 people showed up. This year Rolando’s going to be teaching a knife skills demo at the truck. There’s been a little confusion about when. The description we wrote said this Thursday the 27th. The email blast that MIT sent out to all students said Wednesday the 26th. There’s been a bunch of interest (like 30 people asking to sign up). So, we’re going to do both.

We’ll try to keep it short and fun, it’ll be cold outside, but at least not as cold as it was two days ago : )

If you’ve emailed us to sign up, come to either class. And if you come, let us know what you think.

Knife Skills IAP Class

at the MIT Truck

Today, 3:30pm -4pm

Tomorrow, 3:30-4pm

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