California King Mattress

By Lucia January 30, 2011

If you know Enzo, you know about his analogies. We’ve been thinking a lot about how to efficiently pack the Transit van so that we can take as few as possible trips with it. Here’s a picture of our pack of the Transit at the end of a lunch rush.

Of course Enzo has an analogy for how you pack this, it’s centered around something called the California King Mattress. He told us: “In the 1950’s they used to build houses around the California King Mattress. They’d put in the mattress first, then build the bedroom around it, then build the rest of the house around it.”

So our “California King Mattress”┬áis that blue bread rack you see in the front.

After the Transit van is packed after the lunch rush, it gets driven to the JP commissary, where we still keep our frozen racks of pita bread. So you have to pack all the other stuff (dirty dish bins, breakfast food, morning prep utensils) around that blue bread rack so that full bread racks can get stacked on top of it. Sort of boring operational stuff, but kind of a great analogy, right?

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