Kumquat Cupcakes

By Lucia January 30, 2011

There’s been a lot of staff shuffling around between the two trucks and the restaurant. Two weeks ago was Hunter and my last day at the Dewey truck, we’re at MIT now. Mary wanted to do something special for our last day. We normally just do this for people’s birthdays, but Mary made up a batch of cupcakes and we gave them away first come first serve.

We did a kumquat cupcake with an Earl gray tea frosting. You could definitely taste the citrus in the cupcakes (we chopped up the kumquats, skin and all, and put it in the batter). We steeped the tea in cold water overnight and added it to our cream cheese frosting. Not sure the tea flavor came across too strong, but it was a fun combination to play with.

And it was a fun way to say goodbye to all the regulars we met during our time at Dewey (James, Kash, Emmy, Sue, Al, Reid, Raduan, and all the others). Thanks, Mary!

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