Knife Skills in the snow

By Lucia January 31, 2011

We were planning these IAP knife skills classes. I kept saying to Ayr, maybe we should have this inside in a classroom? I thought no one would come if we had it at the truck (I’m from Texas, still haven’t quite gotten used to New England winters). Ayr said no, keep it at the truck.

The snow started Wednesday during the first class. Rolando was chopping up butternut squash dusted in snow. On Thursday, when we planned to have the second class, Boston got hit with another big snowstorm. We had to close for breakfast to shovel out the trucks. It was 28 degrees around lunchtime. And I couldn’t have been more wrong about the turnout that afternoon. I think I counted about 35 folks. Really awesome.

We kept it simple: how to hold a knife, cut onions, chop small pieces for quick cooking times and big pieces for slow cooking times, break big vegetables down into shapes that are easy to hold and cut. Rolando answered a bunch of questions, someone asked him to do a fancy cut from his fine dining days. If you came to the class, let us know what you thought, if there was stuff you would have liked to learn about that we didn’t cover. More pictures after the break.

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