John Lee’s knee

By Vincenzo February 1, 2011

This is John Lee’s knee. I’m sure Ayr will write a real introduction to John soon (with an actual picture). He came on board this fall to help out with our finances. We’re running him through all of Clover’s day-to-day operations.

Last week he was working resupply.¬†We’re talking packing up the resupply van, driving it out to the trucks during one of the coldest weeks we’ve had yet, working the lunch rush, driving it back, etc. John is an awesome help in figuring out how we can run this stuff more efficiently.

Too bad he wore the wrong shoes. He slipped climbing into the back of the resupply van and banged his shin up really bad. Sorry, John, your knee looks pretty awful. At least now you know to wear shoes with better traction.

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