Wednesday snow day: HSQ open 7am – 3pm, Enzo bakes cookies

By ayr February 2, 2011

People who are not from Boston think I’m lying when I say this, but the snow is my yard is up to my waist. I don’t mean snow drifts, I’m talking standing snow. After the storm today I think it’s going to be up to my chest.

I remember pictures of winters when I was a little boy where the snow was everywhere. I thought it wouldn’t be like that again. Then we get this winter. It’s so exciting. What a magical thing. I love weather. It’s not great for business, but I love the rain, I love the snow, I love heat, I love cold, I love being outside.

So here’s what we’re doing today:

Trucks are closed.

Harvard Square is open 7am – 3pm

Vincenzo is baking S-shaped Italian cookies from a family recipe and serving them with coffee and hot chocolate at the restaurant

If you’re in the square (or can get there by public transportation) stop in, warm up, and say hi. If you’re not close the Harvard Square (or public transit) stay home and enjoy this. We’re going to tweet the cookie process and hot chocolate so you can follow-along at home.

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