By Lucia February 3, 2011

If you eat at MIT or Dewey, you probably know Mary. Mary came on during our really busy summer. She had an interesting interview. She claims to not remember this, but she spilled about 8 quarts of hibiscus tea all over the floor of the truck (can anyone back me up on this?). Anyway, Mary, it’s been pretty much uphill from there.

Mary was hardworking from the beginning. Chris and I would be outside taking orders and we’d hear Mary training newer folks, even when she wasn’t asked to. She went home and looked up how to make seitan when she’d never seen a prep shift. She also played an important role in putting out that truck fire we had a few months back. Mary studied art/sculpture/furniture design at Hampshire, if you’ve seen her whiteboards you can sort of tell she’s an artist.

Mary’s running the Dewey truck now, and she’s doing a great job dealing with all the issues of winter. She’s calm, knows exactly what needs to be done at each moment of the day, loves what we’re doing. Best of all, she’s usually up for accompanying a bunch of us to Charlie’s Kitchen after a long day. Say hi to her next time you’re at Dewey.

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