By ayr February 5, 2011

It’s my first time opening in a long time. It felt great. And I’ll admit, I felt a bit rusty. But everything came together on time and I didn’t forget how to make popovers.

A lot has changed very quickly. It was only a year ago this time that I was waking ¬†up at 4am to get the MIT truck up for a 7am breakfast (we don’t do that anymore, 7am at the restaurant HSQ, but 8am at MIT now). I really miss that job. Now I’m spending 80% of my time on stuff that hasn’t happened yet. I love that too, but there’s something thrilling about the tangible job. Mixing batter from eggs laid two days ago across town (Allendale Farm in this case) that is going to become a popover that you’re going to sell to somebody for money and hopefully they will love. It’s a really satisfying cycle.

Stop in and test me. I’ve already missed a few things.

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